Barns - Stables

With CRIO Equine Software, the breeder can record the information regarding its stables and boxes. From designing the stable with the actual layout of boxes you have, to the daily task performed with your horses -like feeding, training, health, and responsible staff.

Barn design

Stable/Barn design

Given that a breeder has one or more stables, and that each one has a different layout and size, CRIO allows you to design each stable in order to get a reproduction of the one in the real world.


Horse distribution in the Barn

Horses in the stable/barn

CRIO allows the breeder to keep detailed information about the horses in the stables, indicating which box is empty or which horse is currently in it.

Additionally, a stall can be used for other thing that hold a horse in it as "tack deposit" or "feed deposit". In the horse profile you can see its location, being it in a paddock or in one of the barns.

Stall/Box details

In each box in the stable you can manage the information of the responsible person, the horses feeding and access horse specific features like health records, training or simply print the box details to place in the box door.

From version 3.4 of CRIO, each stall allows up to 3 horses, usually the mare with its foal o several foals together.