Training Center

CRIO Equine Software 3.4 provides a set of features that help track and monitor the performance of a horse as it progresses in his training.

Horses in training

When horses enter training, select the type of training and some parameters of them. You can access from here to all horses in training and to add information or check evolution.

Endurance Training

Endurance Training

Training based on distance, speed, average speed, heart rate, etc. The basic concept is to record every day or every training session the horse's evolution data.

Customized Training

The user can define what comprises the training exercises, creating a «Type of Customized Training.» You can then use that training type with many horses. In each training session, record the performance in each Exercise of training, being possible to assign a score to such performance. You can also assign a trainer and eating when creating the training.

Performance training

Horse evolution

At any stage of training you can check the horse's evolution so far, displaying to the breeder or trainer the information graphically. You can also view previous trainings of a horse, being able to access the same type of evolution summary.