Task schedule

Certain tasks to be performrf with your horses need some degree of planning, in resources, in time, etc. CRIO Equine Software offers a tool to efficiently organize the information required to complete these tasks in due time and form.

Task Scheduler

As part of the task information, it is important to highlight that it stores the horses involved in it. If the breeder needs to shoe or transport several horses, just select them and specify what do you want to do with them and in which date.

If the task is not fully completed (e.g. some horses still need to be shoed), it is possible to remove the horses from the task and then modify itsending date.

You can also asign each task to an employee.

Tareas recurrentes

In addition to specific, one time tasks that you can record, it is possible to define tasks that occur periodically (eg, "Making inventory every 2 months ", "Apply some treatment every two days to a horse", "Order horse supplies every two weeks on Mondays ", etc.).


Tasks and Automatic reminders

CRIO desktop displays all the time reminders of the remaining tasks to be done, the tasks to be fulfilled in the coming days and those tasks that are overdue.



Reminder types
  • Tasks to be done (one time or recurrent ones)
  • Vaccination
  • Deworming
  • Farrier work
  • Foaling proximity
  • Castration age
  • Association register age