Horse Measurements

CRIO allows you to keep record of each measure you take of your horses, showing the historical evolution of your horses (growth). Additionally, the horse evolution can be compared with customizable «Growth tables or curves» (taking into account breed, variety and sex).

Horse measurements

Horse measurements

CRIO Equine Software provides 5 body measurements preloaded(HEIGHT, WEIGHT, TORAX, space between front legs and Cannon thickness), and the user can enter new types of measurements.



Horse Growth, evolution

Horse growth and evolution

By entering each measure to foal records, Al registrar las medidas del potro, mainly Height and Weight, during the first 2 or 3 foal years, allow you to see the evolution and also compared with predefined growth curves identifying possible variations and any issue related to foal growth.



Editable growth curves

Value tables (growth curves)

As CRIO Equine Software is designed to be used with any horse breed, the growth tables are configurables by the user, taking into account the breed, sex and type of measurement. For instance, the user could define growth curve for "Weight", for "Quarter horse" breed for male and females.