Genealogy / Pedigree

CRIO Equine Software 3.4 enhances this feature, allowing the navigation of the horse pedigree as deep as the information allow it. It also eases the adding on ancestors directly in the tree. Clicking on an ancestor, permits to access its offspring or siblings. You can print those pedigrees in several formats and also export the pedigrees as image files (ideal to use in websites, forums and emails).

Horse Pedigree :: 3rd generation

Pedigrees / Genealogies

By choosing the horse's sires, the complete pedigree of the horse can be seen. One screen will show up to the third or fourth generation, but it is always possible to browse as deep as desired in the genealogy.



Horse offspring :: Horses grouped by birth year

Offspring and Siblings

In the same way it is possible to ascend in the pedigree towards the ancestors, it is also possible to view the offspring or siblings of a horse.
This horse information can be reported in several printed formats or as part of more complete reports.