Income and expenses

CRIO Equine Software allows you to record expenses incurred by the establishment in the daily care of their horses. Expenses or income can be attributed to a horse or to the establishment always selecting the category of the movement.

Reporte de Gastos y Entradas

Income & Expenses Summary

Although each horse has a separate account, when accessing the farm's summary of expenditures and receipts the information is displayed in a unified way. It shows the inputs and outputs by category, earnings per horse and the inputs and outputs month by month in a particular year. This information can be filtered by various aspects, as well as by a range of dates.

Horse's individual account

Each horse has an individual account and accessing it you can view the details. You can print the details filtering both by category and by date range. You can also add new records of expenses or income associated with this horse.

Farm's Account

Income or expenses that are not associated with a horse or group of horses can be registered by assigning them to the farm. Thus, the individual accounts of your animals are not affected by expenses/ income that are not directly related to them.