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CRIO Equine Software : GOLDEN Edition

Allow you to work with up to 50 ACTIVE Horses and an infinite number of reference horses (genealogy, sold horses, and other unrelated horses) Learn the differences between active horses and reference ones HERE.

What am I buying?

CRIO Equine Software :: GOLDEN Edition includes:

  • Right to use CRIO Equine Software GOLDEN Edition
  • Software customized with the logo of your farm
  • Quick start guide / User Manual
  • 1 year of Free UPDATES
  • 1 year of PREMIUM support (telephone, email, skype, remote desktop)
  • Advice on Best practices

How to get the "GOLDEN" Edition of CRIO Equine Software 3.4?

  1. Send the logo and name of your farm to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  2. Tell us what is your preferred payment method
  3. Once payment is made, yoy will receive an email from us with a download link in order to install your version of CRIO Equine Software.
  4. After CRIO is installed you need to send us the licence code.
  5. In response, we will email you the activation code for your version
  6. THAT IS ALL !!, you can start enyoing your customized version of CRIO Equine Software



Depending from where are buying CRIO and your preferences, you can choose one of the following payment options:

  • (with your credit card or paypal account)
  • Western Union or similar (money transfer in minutes)
  • Bank transfer

Contact us for alternative payment options